Heat Stroke

The dangers of pet heatstrokes rises right along with the hot summer temperatures, and this condition is also known as hyperthermia. Heatstroke is a result of extreme increases in core body temperatures caused by the body’s inability to ‘cool’ off in hot situations such as being left in hot vehicle. Even minutes in an uncirculated environment can increase temperatures by 20-30 degrees and cause potential fatal results in your beloved pet. Hyperthermia can lead to an array of physical discomforts and even organ failure without immediate treatment from an emergency veterinarian in Omaha.

Pets can suffer from heatstroke any time of year according to our vet at Urgent Pet Care Omaha. This condition can occur any time an animal cannot properly dissipate the heat from their body through normal methods such as panting or finding a cooler surface. Both endogenous and exogenous factors can prohibit heat dissipation. Endogenous factor originate internally and include airway obstruction, collapsing tracheas, respiratory or cardiovascular disease and genetic predisposition. Exogenous factors such as extreme heat, being kept in poorly ventilated areas, excessive exercise, lack of water access and lack of shady spaces. It’s much easier to avoid putting pets in potentially dangerous situations that can cause heat stroke than it is to treat it, so be smart about pet safety.
Heatstroke is said to be ‘official’ when the body reaches temperatures greater than 105.8°F and pets will typically exhibit physically visible symptoms when hyperthermia sets in. Some common heatstroke symptoms in pets include:
  • Excessive or continual panting
  • Breathing complications
  • Excessive saliva or drooling
  • Foaming at the mouth
  • Nose bleeds
  • Bright red gums
  • Skin that feels hot to the touch
  • Vomiting and/or diarrhea
  • Overall weakness or lethargic behavior
  • Head or body tremors
  • Seizures or total collapse
Don’t delay treatment and take chances with your pets health. Contact our emergency veterinarian in Omaha at Urgent Pet Care Omaha right away or just stop by our Papillion or Millard office right away.
Here at Urgent Pet Care Omaha, our primary goal is to stabilize your pets condition and begin getting them cooled off. We will administer intravenous fluids to help them rehydrate and restore proper blood circulation to prevent organ damage and failure. Our vet may place your pet on a cool, wet towel and place them in front of a fan while their temperature and overall condition are carefully observed and monitored by our experienced team. Depending on your pet’s situation and health history, we may administer antibiotics to decrease any risk of infection spreading throughout the organs or offer medications to restore their normal functions quickly. Our emergency veterinarian in Omaha may use an integrated approach involving several of these treatments to stabilize pets, and most animals will require a one or two day observation process prior to being discharged. We want to make sure that your pet is at optimal levels prior to returning to your loving home free of heatstroke symptoms and the ensuing potential dangers.
Is your pet showing signs of heatstroke? Don’t delay getting the potentially life saving recovery treatment they need and seek emergency help right away. With our generous evening and weekend hours, our team at Urgent Pet Care Omaha is there to help your pet when typically veterinarians are closed. In cases of emergency, come by our Papillion office at 8410 S 73rd Plaza or call 402-597-2911. Call our Millard office at 402-991-9444 or stop by 4257 South 144th Street for immediate care.