Eye Injuries

Eye injuries can be frightening, for both you and your pet. The injuries can sometimes be serious, especially if left untreated. Without proper care, an eye injury can even cause vision loss or blindness in your four-legged friend. Eye injuries often require immediate care. Our emergency veterinarian in Millard and Omaha, NE, would like to share with you some information about eye injuries in pets and advise you to get emergency treatment for your pet’s eye injury immediately.

The most common symptoms of acute pancreatitis include vomiting and loss of appetite as well as extreme pain. Other symptoms of pancreatitis in pets may include:
  • Scratches to the cornea
  • Penetrating wounds in which an object penetrates the eye but does not pass through the sclera or cornea
  • Perforating injuries in which something penetrates the eye and passes through the sclera or cornea
  • Damage to the structures inside the eye, such as the iris, lens retina, or eyelid
Eye injuries can be simple or complex. Simple eye injuries are penetrating or perforating wounds that affect only the sclera or cornea. Complex eye injuries cause damage to other structures of the eye.
Your pet is at risk for eye injuries inside your house, playing in your yard, or when away from home. Your dog or cat may suffer an eye injury while running through deep vegetation or jumping through bushes. Your animal companion may get an injured eye during fights with other animals; cats are especially prone to scratching at the faces of other animals during disputes.
Emergency care for pets with eye injuries is essential for a good outcome. Treatment will depend largely on the type and complexity of the injury. Veterinarians often prescribe eye drops to reduce the risk of infection and relieve pain to treat simple injuries. Consultation with a doctor is required! Complex injuries may require surgery to repair damaged eye tissue.
We provide the urgent pet care that Omaha residents rely on for the health and well-being of their pets. For urgent care for your pet’s eye injury, contact our emergency veterinarians in Millard or Papillion immediately. Urgent Pet Care has two offices to serve you. For our Papillion emergency veterinary clinic, call 402-597-2911. For our Omaha/ Millard emergency veterinary clinic, call 402-991-9444.