Veterinary assistants help our team function smoothly and efficiently. Urgent Pet Care Omaha considers these team members indispensable. Our hospital has two assistant types who perform many necessary tasks. Our Doctor’s Assistants (DAs) help our veterinarians by obtaining patients’ histories and vital signs, preparing their medications, and explaining discharge instructions to their owners. In addition, DAs ensure the patient chart is complete after every visit. Our Veterinary Assistants (VAs) help our veterinary technicians by holding patients during procedures such as catheter placements, obtaining patients’ vitals while these pets are in the hospital, walking pets, and keeping our hospital clean. Help us celebrate these valuable team members by getting to know them.

Meet Casey Rhodes, DA

Casey is originally from Joliet, Illinois, and decided to become a veterinary assistant about six years ago. Casey enjoys learning everything about veterinary medicine, and wants to pursue a career as a veterinarian. 

Casey’s pets: Miley Cyrus, a German shepherd mix, Sunny, a Jack Russell terrier, Luna, a dilute tortie calico, and BMO, a medium-hair tuxedo cat


Meet Griselda Aragon, DA

Griselda was born in California but grew up in Omaha, and has always wanted to work with animals. Griselda loves interacting with pets and learning about new cases.


Meet Kelsey Flock, VA

Originally from Nebraska, Kelsey has always wanted to work in the veterinary field, and enjoys seeing all the pets and hearing about their cases. 

Kelsey’s pets: Dexter and Dee, male and female pit bulls


Meet Kristina Wilton, DA

Kristina hails from Madison, Wisconsin, and has worked in veterinary medicine for about seven years. Kristina really feels supported by the team, and enjoys interacting with and educating clients.

Kristina’s pets: Vox, a Small Munsterlander, Jupiter, a Cavalier King Charles spaniel, Poe, an Akita, and Winston, a domestic short-haired cat. Kristina recently lost Skagit, a Small Munsterlander who she considers her heart dog.


Meet Talya Vaira, DA

Talya moved to Omaha from Montana. After shadowing at a mixed animal practice, she fell in love with veterinary medicine. Talya likes the fast-paced nature of Urgent Pet Care Omaha and appreciates when the veterinarians challenge her to increase her knowledge and use her insights to help with each case. 

Talya’s pets: Flower, a Jersey milk cow, and Arlo, a miniature Schnauzer


Meet Andi Hunt, VA

Andi is originally from Nebraska. She grew up wanting to be a veterinarian, and enjoys being a VA. 

Andi’s pets: Cats Crowley and Aziraphel (Azi)


Meet Dani Lavell, VA

Originally from Las Vegas, Dani loves helping animals, and her favorite pastime is rescuing and adopting animals. 

Dani’s pets: Three dogs, four cats, six rats, and one tarantula


Meet Hannah Strain, VA

Hannah hails from Missouri, and has loved animals since she was young. Hannah chose to apply at Urgent Pet Care Omaha because she wanted to experience emergency veterinary medicine, and she enjoys taking care of her patients. 

Hannah’s pets: Mac, a blue-tongued skink


Meet Mackenzie D’Andrea, DA

Mackenzie is a military brat and has lived all over the world, but she lived the longest in San Diego. Mackenzie has always been interested in veterinary medicine, and hopes one day to become a veterinarian. Her favorite part of the DA job is helping build patients’ treatment plans and understanding the reasoning behind the medicine. 

Mackenzie’s pets: Tarot, a tortoiseshell cat, and Mr. Howl, a grey tabby cat


Melissa Mann, VA

Originally from Albuquerque, Melissa has wanted to work with animals since she was 2 years old, and has been in the veterinary field for 12 years.  Nothing makes her happier than seeing a critical patient’s health improve, and return home to their family.

Melissa’s pets: Jax, a golden retriever, and Alfonzo and KoKo, domestic short-haired cats


Meet Morgan Holtz, VA

Morgan is originally from Walnut, Iowa, and chose to be part of our team because she wanted a job she enjoyed and found interesting. Morgan enjoys helping patients and learning each case’s specifics.

Morgan’s pets: Frisk, a domestic long-haired cat, Nova, an orange tabby domestic short-haired cat, and Peridot, a dilute tortoiseshell domestic medium-haired cat


Meet Rhea Braband, DA

Rhea was born in Omaha, and decided to move back to our fine city after living for several years in Minnesota and in Elgin, Nebraska. Her favorite part about being a DA is helping our veterinarians diagnose cases. 

Rhea’s pets: Pugs Alice, Bob, and Terry, an orange tabby, Leonard (Lenny), and Lumen, a long-haired cat


Meet Sam Au, VA

Sam grew up in Omaha, and as a child was always bringing home injured or stray animals. She is the happiest she’s ever been, because the Urgent Pet Care Omaha team is so supportive and caring, plus she gets to help animals.

Sam’s pets: Lexi, a pit bull


Meet Kristi Boston, DA

Kristi is originally from Illinois, and worked as a receptionist here before becoming a DA. She enjoys diving deep into patients’ cases, and understanding the link between the signs, diagnosis, and treatment. 

Kristi’s pets: Dandy and Bert, horses, Doc and Squeaks, cats, and Husker, a husky


Meet Pam Oswald, DA

Pam moved to Omaha from Florida, where she certified as a veterinary assistant. At Urgent Pet Care Omaha, she most enjoys helping pets and their owners. 

Pam’s pets: Munchkin, an energetic, spicy cat


Meet Zach Hess, DA

Zach is originally from Millard, Nebraska, and he is currently pursuing a pre-veterinary degree. He enjoys providing comfort for anxious pet parents, and he values the knowledge he receives from Urgent Pet Care Omaha’s veterinary professionals.

Zach’s pets: An English springer spaniel, and an American pit bull mix

Our DAs and VAs are indispensable, and we greatly appreciate all they do to keep our hospital running smoothly. Contact our Urgent Pet Care Omaha team if your pet needs emergency care.