Bone Fractures

Broken bones can happen in pets quite commonly. These bone fractures can be very painful and they can prevent your pet from standing, sitting or walking properly. Left untreated, broken bones can cause permanent damage.

Pets can break bones in many ways. A dog or cat can suffer a broken bone as the result of being struck by a vehicle, for example, or as the result of a fight. Sometimes a pet can break a bone while jumping down a high distance or while running or jumping. Fractures may be “open” or “closed.” In an open fracture, the bone pokes through the skin. In a closed fracture, the skin remains intact. Both types of bone fractures require immediate veterinary care.
Your pet may have suffered a sprain or strain, rather than a fractured bone. A sprain is an injury to the ligaments that hold the ends of bones together to form a joint. A strain is an injury to a muscle. Pets usually limp with sprains and strains, but bear some weight on the leg.

If you can see the bone protruding through the skin in an open fracture, it is definitely broken. You should also look for signs of a closed fracture. A pet with a closed fracture of the leg will probably hold its leg completely off the ground. Your dog or cat will not bear any weight on the broken bone. A dog or cat with a broken bone in its back may be unable to move. Paralysis is a sign of a serious bone fracture.

Our emergency veterinarian in Millard and Omaha, NE, can help diagnose and heal your pet’s broken bone. The type of treatment depends largely on the type of fracture, your pet’s age, and the specific bone broken.

Treatment for simple bone fractures typically involves splints and casts for broken legs and paws. Splints and casts hold the broken bone still so that it can heal. Bone fractures in hips and other locations may require surgery to implant pins, steel plates, and screws to hold broken bones together.

If you are worried that your pet has a broken bone, contact Urgent Pet Care in Omaha. Our veterinarians provide the urgent pet care you rely on for the health and welfare of your four-legged friends. For more information, please call 402-597-2911 for our Papillion emergency vet clinic or 402-991-9444 for our Millard emergency vet clinic.