At Urgent Pet Care Omaha, we treat animal emergencies nights, weekends, and holidays at our two locations in Omaha and Papillion. If you have a cat, you may be interested in these common cat emergencies that require immediate attention from an emergency veterinarian in Omaha.

cat at vet

Common Cat Emergencies

If you notice any of the following, it’s important to see a vet right away:

  • Breathing difficulty – Wheezing, coughing, and struggling to breath are serious signs of respiratory distress.
  • Abnormal urination – For male cats, abnormal urination is life-threatening. If you notice your cat straining to pee or grooming their genital area, seek emergency care.
  • Sudden rear-end paralysis – If your cat suddenly loses function of their hind legs, it could be aortic thromboembolism, which signals a heart condition.
  • Ingesting toxins – If you know your cat got into something poisonous, come in straight away.
  • Excessive vomiting or diarrhea – A little diarrhea or vomiting happens; however, if there’s blood present, or if your cat is sick for more than 24 hours, it’s critical to seek care.

How Our Emergency Veterinarian in Omaha Can Help 

We are here for your cats, with no appointment necessary.

When you come into our clinic, your pet will be stabilized by our emergency veterinarian in Omaha. Our immediate goal is to remove distress and pain, then examine your pet to determine what’s wrong. We will examine your cat, perform x-rays if we feel it is necessary, and discuss the treatment options so you can decide how to proceed.

Please note that we do triage our emergency room, so you may have to wait if your pet’s injury is minor.

Visit Urgent Pet Care Omaha

At Urgent Pet Care in Omaha, our veterinarians are here for you and your cat during any veterinary emergency. No appointment is needed during an emergency, but we do appreciate a phone call to let us know you’re coming, so we can ready a team of emergency vets to help you. To reach our Omaha office, please call 402-991-9444. For the Papillion office, please call 402-597-2911.