What to Do if Your Pet has a Broken Bone – Advice from our Omaha Veterinarians

A broken or fractured bone can result from a high impact accident. Usually, this injury is common in excitable and adventurous pets like dogs. Like any injury, a broken or fractured bone requires prompt attention to minimize suffering and further complications. If you suspect your pet is injured, we advise you to bring them in immediately to our Papillion or Millard veterinarians for care.

smiling golden retriever with pink cast on front right paw for a broken bone

How can you know if your pet’s bone is broken?

If you note any of the symptoms below, then your pet could have broken its bone:

•    Abnormal movements
•    Moving while holding its leg up
•    Whining
•    Swelling
•    Bone sticking through the skin
•    Bruising
•    Inability to bear weight
•    Grinding sound of bone

What should you do in this event?

A broken bone has to be attended to by an experienced emergency veterinarian. As you prepare to meet the veterinarian, we recommend that you refrain from resetting the fracture or applying an antiseptic on an open fracture.

How will our veterinarians manage this injury?

In our facility, our experienced emergency veterinarians in Millard and Papillion will examine your pet and offer a prompt treatment to save your furry friend from suffering.  Medication may include the administration of painkillers to reduce pain, or general anesthesia if the bone needs resetting.
If the case is severe, our vet may use casts, pins, or screws to promote proper recovery and alignment. Afterward, our veterinarian will advise you on the best way to take care of your as it regains its health.

Contact Our Veterinarians in Millard or Papillion Today

If you suspect your pet may have broken or fractured a bone, contact Urgent Pet Care immediately. You can contact our Papillion emergency veterinary clinic office through 402-597-2911 or contact our Millard emergency veterinary clinic by calling 402-991-9444.