This year, April 24 through April 30 marks Veterinary Receptionist Week. Although receptionists go by many names—client care representatives, client service representatives, customer care relations, and more—no matter their label, they’re an essential part of the veterinary team. Here at Urgent Pet Care Omaha, our client service representatives (CSRs) are your first and last point of contact in our practice, fielding your many questions, and ensuring your pet receives urgent, potentially life-saving, care. Join us in honoring our individual CSR team members and learn what makes each of them special.

Meet Wendy Miles

Wendy has always loved working with animals and enjoys being able to help people. When she moved to Omaha 20 years ago, she took a chance and accepted a job as a veterinary receptionist, but now cannot imagine doing anything else. She loves the excitement of the emergency field and never knowing what the day will bring. Each day, each case, each pet, is different, and her job is never boring or routine. Wendy is originally from Fort Worth, Texas.

Wendy’s fun fact: Wendy has nine tattoos.

Meet Ilea Christine Martin

Ilea was looking for a change after being a stay-at-home mom for several years. Essentially, she was “head hunted” by her sister until she decided to switch jobs and come to Urgent Pet Care Omaha. Her favorite part of her CSR job is interacting with and helping the clients and pets while they are in the practice. Ilea was born in Torrington, Wyoming.

Ilea’s fun fact: Ilea’s biggest fear is old wooden roller coasters.

Meet Audrey Yvette Archambault Csellar Carlson

Audrey has had more than 53 jobs in 40 years. However, she feels that working in the CSR field is her greatest accomplishment, and is glad she landed at Urgent Pet Care Omaha. She originally worked at a corporate emergency hospital, but the fit wasn’t right. On July 4, 2015, she walked into Urgent Pet Care Omaha and knew right away that she had found the perfect job. Audrey hails from Chicago, Illinois.

Audrey’s fun fact: Audrey was robbed at gunpoint by a 12-year-old boy with a broken gun. She was working at a dry cleaners at the time, and the newspaper covered her story.

Meet Alicia Gillette

Alicia moved to Omaha, wanting to continue working with animals. She had previously worked as a CSR, so the Urgent Pet Care Omaha position seemed the perfect fit. She most enjoys talking to clients and seeing their pets. Alicia was born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa.

Alicia’s fun fact: In the next five years, Alicia would like to ride an elephant, go on a cruise, purchase a home, and move up in her career. 

Meet Clarisa Lineberry

Clarisa has always been a people person. She’s worked in customer service for more than 14 years, but made a major field change after COVID, switching from elementary education to a CSR in veterinary medicine. Clarisa loves seeing the happy and healthy patients reuniting with their families and leaving for home and thinks she made the right job choice. Clarisa is originally from Omaha, Nebraska.  

Clarisa’s fun fact: Clarisa’s biggest fear is heights, but she wants to go skydiving. Makes perfect sense, right?

Meet Maya Sample

Maya landed a CSR position after the COVID lockdown, after deciding not to go back to school. She has always loved veterinary medicine, and was excited to try her hand at the CSR position at Urgent Pet Care Omaha. Maya was born in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. 

Maya’s fun fact: In the next five years, Maya would like to go back to school, and to start mentoring and/or fostering children.

Meet Lydia Meyer

Lydia always knew they wanted to work with animals. With their customer service background, when they saw the job posting for a CSR position at Urgent Pet Care Omaha, they were sure that would be a good fit. They were obviously perfect for the job. Lydia hails from Hastings, Nebraska.

Lydia’s fun fact: Lydia’s favorite hobbies include painting and reading—they love trying anything artsy or crafty—and they have overflowing bookshelves at home.

Meet Heidy Alicia Valdivia

Heidy knew she wanted to work with animals. After spotting the job posting for a CSR on Indeed, she snapped up the open position, and began living her dream. She loves greeting all the pets, and being able to cuddle the cats and dogs is a huge bonus. Heidy is originally from Toppenish, Washington.  

Heidy’s fun fact: In the next five years, Heidy would like to visit Glacier National Park, go skydiving, and learn to fly.

Meet Dekotah Cavin

Dekotah wanted a more fast-paced CSR job, and knew that working the front lines of Urgent Pet Care Omaha would be ideal. She loves every part of her job, from assisting pet owners on the phone, to escorting happy and healthy pets out the door. Dekotah was born and raised in Omaha.

Dekotah’s fun fact: Dekotah played soccer for 15 years.

Meet Caitlin Dufrane

Caitlin wanted to go to veterinary school, but health issues interfered. However, she still wanted to use her animal science degree and work in the veterinary field, so a CSR position fit perfectly. Caitlin is originally from Lawrence, Kansas. 

Caitlin’s fun fact: In the next five years, Caitlin would love to hold a leopard, cheetah, or tiger cub. As a WWII history buff, she’d also like to go to Hawaii and see Pearl Harbor. Another goal would be going back to school to get her master’s degree in animal nutrition, or finishing veterinary technician schooling.

Although Veterinary Receptionist Week is celebrated only once per year, when you call us, keep in mind that these team members are critical to the overall running of a veterinary practice. They always deal with distressed, emotional pet owners with kindness and compassion, and they all do their best to ensure your pet receives the best care as quickly as possible. Contact our Urgent Pet Care Omaha team’s CSRs to schedule your pet’s appointment for urgent care.