At Urgent Pet Care, we provide compassionate, after hours care for pets in Omaha, NE and the surrounding areas. Our experienced and skilled veterinary team can assist with any number of pet emergencies while keeping pet owners informed and educated throughout every step. While no pet owner ever anticipates needing emergency veterinary care, rest assured that we’re here seven days a week and with no appointment necessary.

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Dog Injury or Cat Injury: What to Do

Acting quickly and knowing what to do is important if your pet becomes traumatically injured. Of course, you’ll want to get your pet to our clinic as soon as possible, but you’ll also want to make sure to handle your pet properly so as not to make the cat injury or dog injury worse. For example, if your pet has been struck by a car or involved in a similar accident and you believe there may be spinal damage, it’s vital that you exercise caution when moving and transporting your pet. Try to avoid moving your pet’s spine as much as possible; this may mean placing your pet on a stabilizing board or other object to reduce movement.

In a situation where your pet is losing large amounts of blood, it is also important to know how to stop the flow of blood with a tourniquet. It’s never a bad idea to keep one of these in your home in the event of an emergency, though you can fashion a tourniquet yourself using a belt or similar object tightened near the injury site. This can help to stop or slow down the blood loss until our veterinary team is able to see and treat your pet in our office.

Also, always exercise caution when handling an injured pet. Even the friendliest pets may become defensive to the point of scratching or biting if they have gone into survival mode.

Your Emergency Veterinarian in Omaha

Urgent Pet Care is your emergency veterinarian in Omaha. If you have any questions, call either of our offices in Papillion or Millard and we’d be happy to help.

Do you know what to do if your pet is seriously injured?