At Urgent Pet Care, we’re a little different from your regular vet; we’re specialists in handling pet emergencies. Think of us as an emergency room for pets. What makes UPC different from your normal vet?

No appointment needed

Emergencies don’t happen on a schedule, and they need taken care of promptly, so we won’t ever ask you to make an appointment. Come in whenever your pet needs emergency care – we’re open nights, weekends and all major holidays, 7 days a week. We do operate on a triage system, so please understand that the seriousness of each pet’s injury or illness will determine the order in which they are treated. Rest assured that your pet will receive care as quickly as possible.

We don’t offer routine vet care such as vaccinations

In order to offer the best possible emergency care, we are unable to offer routine care for your pet. Routine care is best provided at your regular vet’s office; we provide care for emergency or urgent situations that can’t wait for an appointment or regular office hours to be treated.

We accept a wide variety of payment options

Because a pet emergency is an unexpected expense, we have tried to provide as many payment options as possible. We accept cash, checks and all major credit cards, of course, as well as Care Credit and Payment Banc. Care Credit will allow you to break the amount due into 6 installments while Payment Banc takes monthly payments directly from your checking account. By offering such a wide variety of options, we’re trying to ensure that no beloved pet (or loving owner) has to suffer because of an emergency.

We hope we’ve been able to explain a little about how UPC is different from your normal vet and when you should contact us for the best possible emergency care for your pet.