Signs your Pet has Allergies From Our Papillion Veterinarian

If you have noticed your dog or cat is suffering from skin irritation or a rash, finding a dermatology treatment is necessary so your pet gets relief. At the first signs of a pet allergy, contact Urgent Pet Care in Papillion to schedule an appointment with our veterinarian for an evaluation. Here is some information about pet allergies to read over so you know the signs of common skin problems.

Irritation Of The Skin

Skin irritation can be caused by dryness or a parasite problem. If your pet has skin irritation, they will likely bite or scratch at their coat often. They may also show signs of discomfort if raised bumps or cuts caused by irritation are present. Switching to another pet shampoo and providing plenty of water to increase body moisture content can help. Many pets suffer from irritation when they have a flea problem. A veterinarian will assist with removing your pet’s body of fleas so skin irritation subsides.

Hair Loss

If your pet has suffered from hair loss, it is best to see a veterinarian for an assessment. This condition can be caused by a skin problem, or it may be the result of an anxiety condition. A skin scraping will indicate whether your pet is suffering from mites or another external parasite.

Visible Rashes

If a pet contracts a rash, pain and itchiness are symptoms to watch for. A pet can get a rash if they are allergic to a particular type of food. The process of elimination of foods from the diet can help you pinpoint which type is causing a problem. Pets also get rashes if they are allergic to shampoos, flea dips, or other grooming products. Some pets get rashes if they are allergic to pollen or a plant.

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