Most Common Eye Injuries In Pets and Treatment from our Omaha Veterinarians

Eye injuries rank amongst the top pet injuries treated by our emergency veterinarians in Millard and Omaha, NE. The incidence is more common in pets that spend most of their time outdoors as well as those with bulging eyes.

veterinarian checking a dog's eye for an eye injury

Symptoms of Eye Injury

An eye injury could result from chemical exposures, corneal abrasions, trauma, and head injuries. Moreover, an eye injury can result from a pre-existing impairment in your pet’s eye.  What are the signs and symptoms of an eye injury? Some of the common signs of an eye injury could include:
•    Blurred vision
•    Pain and light sensitivity,
•    Excessive tearing
•    Swelling around the eye
•    Bruising around the eye
•    Redness
•    Blinking rapidly
•    Bowing the eye

Types of Eye Injuries

The primary types of eye injuries are simple injuries and complicated injuries. A simple injury affects your pet’s cornea or sclera.  On the other hand, a complicated injury involves multiple parts like the iris, retina, choroid, and the lens.

What Should you do When you Realize that Your Pet has an Eye Injury?

Experienced veterinarians say that an eye injury can quickly progress to serious medical problems like loss of vision, or it can pave a way to infections that are costly to remediate. As such, we recommend that you seek for urgent care, immediately you realize that your furry friend has an eye injury. The treatment will depend on the nature of the injury. For instance, if the injury is minor and non- perforating, an Elizabethan collar to shield the pet from scratching the eye should suffice until the injury heals. Some complicated injuries like corneal perforations may require surgery.

Visit Our Emergency Veterinarian in Papillion or Millard to Manage an Eye Injury

At Urgent Pet Care in Omaha, NE we will assess your pet’s entire eye to establish the nature and possible cause of the injury. Contact our emergency veterinarians in Papillion 402-597-2911 or call our Millard emergency pet clinic at 402-991-9444.