The holidays are a wonderful time for celebrating life’s many blessings, and reflecting on the previous year’s joys and sorrows. Life lessons can be gleaned from the reflections and memories, not only by people, but also by pets, who are known to get into more trouble than usual during the chaotic holiday season. So, remembering and learning from past holiday experiences—their own and others’—can be valuable lessons for your furry pal. One pet, Noel, who had a penchant for mischief, was fortunate enough to be visited by the three wise Pets of Christmas Past, Present, and Future, who imparted many important holiday safety lessons that Noel shared with the Urgent Pet Care Omaha team.   

Jinx: The Pet of Christmas Past

One Christmas Eve, Noel shook her shaggy head as a soft voice whispered, “Let’s take a journey to a Christmas long ago, and learn from my mistakes.” Noel, a Great Pyrenees pup, slipped deeply into a dream, ready for an adventure into Christmas past with her feline guide, Jinx, who wanted to share valuable lessons from her first Christmas. A beautifully adorned Christmas tree appeared in the dream, and Jinx muttered to Noel: “Here is my nemesis from my first Christmas. In fact, it almost killed me.”

Noel woofed in shock, begged for more information, and Jinx continued her story.

“I was a kitten, fascinated with all things shiny, especially the dazzling ornaments dangling from the tree. I couldn’t resist, and batted at them with wild abandon. They crashed to the floor, and I leaped down to play with the glass shards. I began gnawing on an intriguing metal hook, which I  accidentally swallowed when my family startled me.

“A couple of days later, I was not feeling my best, but in all the holiday chaos, my family didn’t immediately notice I was unwell. By the time I was rushed to Urgent Pet Care Omaha, it was almost too late to perform emergency surgery to remove the hook. After a week of intensive hospitalization and nursing care while my stomach healed, I finally was released, and I vowed to never go near another Christmas tree. Learn from my lesson, young pup, and stay well away.”

Jasper: The Pet of Christmas Present

After seeing Jinx’s Christmas disaster, Noel tossed and turned in her sleep, only to be visited by another pet—Jasper, the Pet of Christmas Present. Jasper the young Jack Russell terrier tugged on Noel’s paw: “Want to come visit my Christmas? Let’s see what trouble we can get into!”

Noel was given no choice as the feisty terrier dragged her to his Christmas celebration. At Jasper’s house, dozens of guests were arriving for the party. Suddenly, the commotion seemed too much for Jasper. He darted through the open door, bolted down the street, and was quickly out of sight. 

Taking to her paws, Noel sprinted after Jasper, struggling to catch up, until she caught sight of his reflective collar. She turned on the speed, barking to Jasper to stop. When Noel finally caught up, Jasper was yipping in delight at his freedom. Fortunately, Noel was able to convince Jasper that his family was already frantic that he was missing, and that they should turn around before they were harmed, like being hit by a car, or getting lost and cold in the dark and the snow. Jasper wanted to continue the adventure, but finally agreed, and he and Noel followed their tracks and returned home, safe and sound.

Jingo: The Pet of Christmas Future

Noel took a while to fall back to sleep, but as soon as she did, she was visited again in her dream. This time, she met Jingo, the Pet of Christmas Future, a scruffy mutt experiencing his first Christmas in 2025. Five years into the future, Noel was much more knowledgeable about holiday hazards, and Jingo was ecstatic to meet a new friend. 

As Jingo wiggled around the Christmas tree, Noel cautioned the rambunctious pup: “Jingo, stay away from the Christmas tree, because you can cut your paws on broken glass ornaments, swallow a metal hook, drink chemical-laden tree water, vomit from irritating tree sap, or be injured if the tree falls over.”

Jingo, shocked, asked, “Then can I sniff out my gifts and unwrap them early?”

“Oh no, Jingo, don’t do that, either,” Noel said. “As you can see, these gifts are tied tightly with ribbons, which can wad up in your intestines, and our friends at Urgent Pet Care Omaha would have to perform emergency surgery. You must wait until your family can help.” 

“Can I at least greet our friends and family as they arrive?” Jingo asked.

Noel replied, “Sure, as long as you don’t run outside. It’s easy to get lost in the snow, or be hit by a car struggling to stop on an icy road.”

“Oh, and what about begging under the table for scraps? That was my favorite part of Thanksgiving!” Jingo said. 

“Bad idea, Jingo. Many holiday foods are too rich for our sensitive digestive tracts, which can cause life-threatening pancreatitis. Also, many are toxicstay well away from the Christmas ham, gravy, pudding, fruitcake, and other desserts. You can still enjoy fresh veggies and small bites of lean meat, but that’s it,” Noel warned.

“Thanks for the wise tips! My first Christmas should go off without a hitch,” Jingo said.  

As Noel was at last falling into a deep, dreamless sleep, she thanked the Pets of Christmas Past, Present, and Future for their lessons, and vowed to stay out of trouble and avoid the many hazards that could ruin her first Christmas. Next morning, Noel enjoyed an exciting—and accident-free—holiday with her family.

When your family veterinarian is closed, your Urgent Pet Care Omaha team is here for you—nights, weekends, and holidays. If your furry pal hasn’t learned their holiday lessons from the three pets of Christmas, call us. Our team is here to provide urgent care whenever it’s needed.