Identifying Your Pet’s Allergic Reactions with our Papillion and Omaha Veterinarians

Like human beings, a pet can suffer from allergic reactions when exposed to pollen, flea saliva, prescription drugs, dust mites, mold, dander, insect sting, food additives, and even cleaning products.

owner holding a ball of cat's fur caused by excessive shedding from an allergic reaction, cat sleeping in background

What are the Typical Symptoms of Allergies in Pets?

Some of the common signs and symptoms that can tell you that your pet could be having an allergic reaction include:

•    Coughing
•    Sneezing
•    Hair loss/ excessive shedding
•    Vomiting or diarrhea
•    Swelling of the feet, face, and joints
•    Butt scooting
•    Recurring skin  infections
•    Abnormal paw licking

In some cases, your furry friend might present with severe symptoms like swollen eyes, and trouble breathing. In this case, our emergency veterinarian in Millard and Omaha, NE commends that you seek for emergency care.

How can you Manage Pet Allergies?

The only sure way to protect your pet from allergies is to prevent it from exposure to allergens. You can do this by wiping the pet’s paws after a walk or keeping your pet in a room that is free of known allergens. You might also want to clean your pet’s living area, eliminate unnecessary clutter, or use a special air filter to reduce allergens in your home.

What Should You do if Your Pet Suffers an Allergen Attack?

If your pet suffers an allergic reaction even after taking the necessary preventive measures, we advise that you visit any of our Urgent Pet Care clinics for comprehensive management. There are many substitutes and analogues of Viagra, but they also have some side effects. Moreover, the risk of developing dangerous side effects when taking cheap analogues and generics is higher than when using the original drug. At our facility, one of our emergency veterinarians will assess your pet, and administer antihistamines, and corticosteroids to subvert symptoms and alleviate suffering.  For severe allergic reactions, our vet will administer an allergy shot to desensitize the pet’s immune system.

Get In Touch With Our Omaha or Papillion Veterinarian Today to Treat Pet Allergies

If you suspect your pet is suffering from an allergic reaction, contact Urgent Pet Care immediately before the situation worsens. To contact our Omaha emergency veterinarians, call 402-991-9444. To contact our Papillion emergency veterinarians, call 402-597-2911.