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"you went above and beyond to save our Charlie’s life, and for that fact we can not tell you thank you enough. Without your sweet hospitality, he would not be at home with us today. With a thankful heart” Elista and Jesua

Dr. Buhr & Staff,                                                                      8-29-16

I cannot thank you enough for all of your help with Pauly.  He finally came home 8/30/16.  If it weren't for all of you that may not have been possible.  Dr. Buhr, thank you for contacting Banfield to find our where I should take him.  You absolutely went above and beyond.  Thank you all so much!

God Bless, Yvonne, Mason & Pauly

To Urgent Pet Care & Staff,                                                     8-27-16

Thank you so much for all you did to save Caesar's life!  Words can not express how much we appreciate all you did for our family!  Thank you for not ever giving up!

With Love, Gabriel, Aguilera, Katie, David, Illaria, Reno, Cleopatra & of course Caesar!

Urgent Pet Care,                                                                     7-31-16

We can't thank you guys enough for the love & care you have given to our kitty, Mufasa.  Our family would be lost without him and it's because of you guys that he is still with us today.  I want to give a huge shout out to Debbie, for always being there for us & Mufasa.  We hope you guys enjoy the cookies!  Thanks again for your wonderful customer services but more importantly for making us feel like family and not just another customer!

-Marisa, Andrew & Mufasa

To everyone at Urgent Pet Care West,                                   7-09-16

Thank you so much for your care and compassion in making the difficult decision to euthanize Mayzee.  Although it was the humane thing to do in her situation, it was still incredibly difficult and your compassion and professionalism made the process a little easier to bare.  Your donation to the Veterinary Care Foundation in her memory was very generous and much appreciated.

With gratitude, Joan & Craig Edmundson

To the owner & staff of Urgent Pet Care West,                       May 2016

At the end of May we received care from your clinic and will never forget the kind, caring, compassionate & expertise treatment our dog Samson received.  After a long week of ailments & accidents we were referred by a vet rep friend to seek after hours care from this location.  Your team was able to provide excellent care & ended our visit with a kind prayer for our dog Samson.  Please continue keeping up the valuable, meaningful work.  

-Melinda Summerfeld

To the Staff, 

The hardest decision any animal lover has to make I couldn't of asked for a more amzing person to be there for me and Mojo's final moments. I couldn't of done it without you. Thank you form the bottom of my heart for your care and compassion. I'm lost without her but hope shes surrounded by ample fields of pheasants and a bounty of treats and Toys... 

Thank you again Denys

Dear Friends at Urgent Pet Care, 

How can we ever Thank you for all the wonderful care you gave our little Buddy. He was so special to us and you made us feel as if he was just as special to you, We so appreciate all te awesome Doc's and staff.  You all are RoCK STARS !!! Thanks also for your generous contribution to the Veterinary Care Foundation in his memory. You all have touched our hearts. Thanks again, Tom and Bridget

To: The Staff

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for trying to save my cat. She was in good hands. I thank you for the respect and compassion you guys gave to my husband and I as we had to say goodbye to her. We greatly appreciate the respect you had while handling her. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts. 

“This is for both times you have helped Bonnie- your empathy is reassuring to we Moms and Dads of pets,”

“Julie, Dr Starks, + Deb

We so appreciate the great care you gave Flynn!! Everyone was wonderful to him and to us. He is doing great-as you can see. They are singing away”

Kate Murphy + Craig

“Dear Dr Starks and Staff

Thank you so much for taking great care of Calvin last week. On top of everything, including my own mistake, you all treated us with kindness and much needed TLC. I am so happy we found you and should an emergency arise again, I will definitely call on you! Thanks again”   Lisa

“Thank you to the Doctors and all the staff at Urgent Pet Care for the treatment I (Tank) got on Saturday October 12 you saved my (Tank) life! I (Tank) thank you so much for that and also for being there for me! Everyone was great! I am doing just fine now!”

Bye Tank

“Dear Dr Starks and Team

Thank you so much for all your care and commitment on taking care of our cat Sam. Thanks so much you’re the best”  Mike and Christine

“Thank you so much for staying late and helping me through a very tough time. I will never forget your kindness.” Jane and Shadow

‘Thank you for the kindness and respect you showed when we had to bring our Edison in last month. We miss him dearly and you made the experience as positive as possible. Bless you for what you do for pets and their families.” Paul and Sherry

“Thank you for all your expertise and great care!” Lance, Pat, and Bugsy Boy

“Dr Starks and Staff

Thank you so much for taking such good care of Mea during her injury. Your clinic is amazing and I refer everyone I know to you all! Dr Starks I appreciate the big heart you have in the time of need- you’re the best!” Lee Ann

“To Urgent Pet Care Staff

Thank you so much for your care and compassion when I brought my sick dog to you. He is on his way to being his playful self again.”  Barb and Jake

“Dr Starks

Thank you all for your kind attention to our cat Rascal and to us in her passing away. We were not expecting her to be so ill so soon. We go on a trip about every 3-4 yrs, so since we could not be there, we are grateful someone so kind, like you was with her and took care of her. We miss her so much. Thank you so much” Judy and Duane

“Dr Starks and Staff

Thank you for all you do. You helped us through an extremely difficult time. Its very much appreciated!” Rob and Teresa

“Just wanted to send you a “special” Thank you … For helping me and Oscar through a scary time. Your quick knowledgeable caring response was very comforting… and Oscar is on his way to recovering. You were sent from “Heaven Above” to care for god’s doggies. Also I know you care… that is why you will be very successful in your new business!! Thanks with all my heart friend. Thanks a Bunch” Roxie and Oscar

"Hi Dr. Starks, We met because I had the two border collie puppies with Parvo and they stayed at your Urgent Care for a while. Since then, I've had several conversations about your clinic and how much I recommend it if people need those kind of services. I am eternally grateful to you and everyone on the team who helped my babies survive. I don't know how best to say thank you that would adequately show the amount of gratitude I feel. Please just know you are a remarkable lady with an amazing team. Thank you for everything you did! As for the babies, we still have a lot of work to do with them but they are so big now you wouldn't recognize them - long, lanky and unfortunately still really thin but we're getting there. If anyone on the team would like to see them again since I think it's positive feedback that what they do for a living is well worth all their efforts, please just let me know. Since their immune system is still compromised, we won't be taking them anywhere for at least another 5 weeks until they've had all their vaccinations but anytime after that, it might be nice for some to see the amazing progress the puppies have made. I strive to have their incredible determination. And determined they are! Jack can climb over baby gates without any visible effort on his part (a bit concerned that our current fence may not contain him for very long but we're working on manners and obedience. Lets hope it's enough). Katie's middle name is "omg, what have you got now!". She is so naughty, sneaky and cunning but yet so loving that usually one look from her and all is forgiven. Just this morning she has managed to break a Scentsy warmer (which is okay...we didn't use it anyway) and chewed the leather off the corner of the couch (which is NOT okay!) but I'll take puppy chaos/damages over watching them lying sick and dying any day. They are my million dollar miracle babies. :) On another note, while I was there, abandoned kittens were being taken care of by your team - Julie in particular if I remember correctly. During my conversations with people at work, there are 3 people looking for kittens. If Julie is looking for homes for any kitties, please let me know. If she has found homes for everyone, please keep me in mind for any future patients that may end up at your clinic. I also would like to know how much she would charge for them. I know helping them survive isn't free. Thanks again,"  Cherie

Dr Westfall,

Thanks so much for your compassionate care. You are truly a caring vet. I miss my Sadie so much but didn't want her to suffer. You helped me. God Bless you! Holy Hugs"  Jeanette

"I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for taking such good care of Earnhardt. I fell extremely blessed to have such great animal care available! Also, to Dr Starks, I wanted to thank you for being so patient and explaining every thing to me in a way that was easy to understand. It is clear to see that you were called to this field and I am so thankful for you and your staff!"  Sincerely Nichole

Dr Westfall, Dr Starks, and Staff at Urgent Pet Care,

"Thank you so much for making a contribution to the Veterinary  Care Foundation in memory of Olena. Even though we met under the worst circumstances, we always knewthat Olenna was in caring hands. Thank you for fighting so hard for Olenna and all the support you provided. We will never forget your kindness. Please keep fighting for all the dogs diagnosed with IMHA and keep Olenna in your hearts. We will always be grateful for the support and care you provided to her and to us in our darkest time." Love Jamie, Britten, Renly, and Brienne.