As a pet owner, you know: going to the vet can be a challenge. Your cat or dog may simply not be in the mood, and neither will the other pets waiting with you in the waiting area. Of course, most veterinary clinics also take their furry patients in the order in which they arrive. That may work in most cases, but not if your pet has an emergency.

When your pet gets seriously injured or seems to be in severe pain, you simply don’t want to have to wait in line after other animals who are just visiting for a regular check up and at Urgent Pet Care, you don’t have to. That’s what makes UPC different from your normal vet.

Think of UPC as a emergency room for animals. Unlike your local veterinarian, we don’t run on strict business hours and make you wait if you happen to need us outside those hours. We understand that emergencies can arise, and we’ll do our best to get your pet treated as soon as possible.

That means you can bring your beloved pet in at any time, but we’ll only treat it if it’s an actual emergency. It also means that the order in which we treat your pet is determined not by when you get to us, but how serious the emergency actually is. Waiting times will differ, but if it’s serious enough, you won’t need to wait long.

All of that makes UPC different from your local vet, but that doesn’t mean we’re trying to compete with your family veterinarian. Instead, we work with them: upon your visit with us, we will provide your vet with your animal’s complete medical history so that they have an insight on just what was wrong and what will occur in the future.

AT UPC, our first goal is to be there when your pet needs us the most, and to get it back on the road to recovery. So the next time you’re in need of immediate help, don’t hesitate to contact us!