Get Your Dog Exercising for Canine Fitness Month in Papillon, NE

April is Canine Fitness Month, so this is a great time to start activities to keep your dog fit and healthy.

Woman running with her dog in Omaha, NE.

Like their owners, dogs need exercise to stay fit. Canines, however, can’t hit the gym to get their daily doses of motion. Does this mean that you have to go out for a run with them every day? While that’s a fine idea, you may be relieved to know that there are many other ways to promote canine fitness. Here are a few you can try:

Play Fetch

Most dogs enjoy fetching things and bringing them back to you. Balls are the safest objects to use, and it’s easy to get one that’ll fit comfortably in the dog’s mouth. Avoid using weak-walled chew toys, though – they won’t hold up.

The versatility of Fetch makes it the perfect game for you, too. If you’re active, you can amp up the fun by chasing the ball right along with your dog and making it a bit of a race. When you’d rather take it easy, just sit in a chair and throw.

Walk or Run with Your Dog

Taking your dog along for a walk or run provides exercise to both of you, so it’s an easy choice if you’re active. Just be sure to give your dog a chance to gain fitness before you go all-out, especially if your companion has been sedentary for a long time. Also, remember that your four-legged partner has no shoes, so be wary of hot pavement, rocky terrain, and other hazards.

Teach the Dog Some Active Tricks

Teaching your dog to do things like jump hurdles can be challenging, but it’s a great activity for an active, energetic breed. Set some hurdles up in your yard, and with the proper training, you can take your dog’s activity to the next level.

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