Questions to Ask Your Papillion and Omaha-based Veterinarian before Your Pet Surgery

It’s natural for you to feel anxious before you pet undergoes anesthesia and any surgical procedure or treatment. To help make you feel better, your veterinarian at Urgent Pet Care in Papillion, Nebraska can address any concerns you have an answer any questions.

Pet Surgery with the veterinarian

Will My Pet Require Anesthesia?

Most pet surgeries require general anesthesia for their own comfort and well-being. If it’s not being used, ask why and discuss the alternative procedure.

Are There Any Risks Involved?

Always ask your veterinarian about any possible risks involved with treatment. While every procedure carries potential risks, you should know ahead of time any dangers that may exist and how to prepare for them.

Who Will Monitor My Pet?

Find out who will monitor your pet before, during and after the surgery. See if you can get frequent updates on his condition.

How Long Will My Pet Have to Stay After Treatment?

Most pets have to stay at the vet overnight after surgery. Others may be required to stay a few extra days depending on the seriousness of the condition. Talk to your vet about overnight care and when you can expect your pet to go home.

What is the Prognosis of the Treatment?

Find out what the prognosis is of your pet after treatment. For example, the average pet might live a year after the removal of a specific tumor. Other procedures may allow your pet to live a normal and healthy life. Listen closely to the numbers but understand this is just an average and might not pertain to your specific circumstance.

Will I Receive a Detailed At-Home Care List?

Once the surgery is over, be sure to discuss the plan of treatment for home care. This might include a special diet, medications, and follow-up treatments. Make sure you understand any and all procedures before heading home.

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