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Answering the Call—Recognizing Our Emergency Vet Techs

To celebrate National Veterinary Technician Week—October 17 to 23—we’re shining the spotlight on our talented vet tech team. Get to know the hearts, minds, and hands providing your pet’s emergency care.   Fast thinkers in a fast-paced field—why emergency veterinary medicine? Urgent Pet Care Omaha vet techs could have chosen to work in general practice, where [...]

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My Pet Was Sprayed By A Skunk—What Do I Do?

One odor never prompts you to wonder, “What’s that smell?” A skunk’s spray is like no other—with its foul, sulfur-like stench and oily composition, the spray’s noxious fumes linger on skin and fur, and, in a cruel twist of fate, grow stronger when doused with water.    Panicked pet owners frequently call Urgent Pet Care Omaha [...]

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Behind the Stethoscope—Meet Dr. Mike

Nights, weekends, and holidays, our team at Urgent Pet Care Omaha is here for you if your pet experiences an emergency. During such a scary and upsetting time, your main concern is your pet’s welfare, but do you stop to wonder who is responsible for your pet’s care? Our veterinary professionals are dedicated to ensuring [...]

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3 Infectious Diseases Affecting Cats

Your cat is a constant source of entertainment and companionship, and you want to ensure they are not stricken by any infection that could cause distress. Our team at Urgent Pet Care Omaha wants to educate you on infectious diseases that could affect your cat, and measures you can take to protect your four-legged friend. [...]

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A Day In the Life of a Veterinary Assistant at Urgent Pet Care Omaha

You likely are familiar with most veterinary team member tasks to care for your pet, but veterinary assistants often perform behind-the-scenes and you may never know what they do. Unlike veterinary receptionists and veterinarians, who are the faces of a hospital, veterinary assistants provide top-notch care for pets without much interaction with pet owners. However, [...]

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Manning the Front Lines: Veterinary Receptionists and What They Do

In an emergency, every second counts. Veterinary knowledge, critical thinking skills, and the ability to make rapid decisions are vital for saving pets’ lives when manning an urgent care hospital’s phones. Fortunately, our front desk team here at Urgent Pet Care Omaha embodies those traits, and they’re an essential part of ensuring your beloved companion [...]

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Canine Parvovirus 101

Parvovirus: This single word can strike fear in the heart of a new puppy owner, and the veterinary care team. While you may know parvovirus, or parvo, is a potentially deadly disease that most commonly affects young, unvaccinated dogs and puppies, you may not realize how easily the disease can spread, and how you can [...]

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Behind the Stethoscope: Get to Know Dr. Sharma

In a busy veterinary emergency hospital setting, you’re likely not focused on learning the names and stories of our incredible team—you have more important things to worry about. But, amid all the uncertainty and hubbub, you may wonder who is caring for your pet. You might want to know how our veterinarians chose this career [...]

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