Could your dog end up in a fight with a wild animal?

Unfortunately, with the growing population of raccoon and opossums in urban areas, the answer is yes, especially if your dog is outside at night. Raccoon and opossums are frequently on the prowl for something new to eat, and your dog’s dish might be an irresistible target. In this scenario, your dog will more than likely find itself on the losing side of the battle.

While a wild animal will usually try to escape a confrontation, if cornered, it will fight. The injury your dog suffers depends on many factors, but regardless, your dog will need to see a veterinarian as quickly as possible.

So what exact steps should you take if your dog does get into an altercation?

  • Check for wounds. If wounds are deep and will not stop bleeding, apply pressure to staunch the flow.
  • If the wild animal is dead, retrieve it (wearing gloves) so your veterinarian can rule out rabies.
  • Take your pet to the doctor. Home treatment is not an option.

Your dog may require stitches for wounds that continue to bleed. A veterinarian will also be able to examine your pet for wounds that are not immediately visible to an untrained eye. Your dog will also need antibiotics, regardless of the size of the wound, to prevent potential infection. In addition, your dog will probably need a Leptospirosis vaccine or booster to prevent infection, as the wild animal’s fluids could contain this parasite, and expose your dog to a potentially debilitating illness. Urgent Pet Care of Omaha is an emergency facility that can assist you outside of regular business hours.

To prevent further canine emergency situations caused by wild animals, make sure there are no food sources in the area where you keep your dog. In addition, a quick look around the yard or even banging on the door before your dog actually steps outside is a good way to prevent further encounters. Finally, always keep your dog’s rabies vaccinations current!

To ensure a happier ending when your pet is in trouble, contact us.