If taste and smell are linked as closely as the experts say, shouldn’t dogs, with their superior sense of smell, be connoisseurs? Instead my dog sneaks bits of squirrel and rabbit poop and drools over deer droppings. I say “sneaks” because he and I are in a constant battle regarding these wild treats. He will eat anything, and tries to gobble down his discoveries, while I try to stop him. Sadly, he is faster than I am.

With a diet like this, is it any wonder that dogs vomit occasionally? WebMD claims that dogs may vomit just because they’ve “eaten something disagreeable or gobbled down too much food, too fast.” In fact, dogs vomit for many of the same reasons we do; because they swallowed something toxic, as the result of a bacterial or viral infection, because of intestinal parasites, heat stroke, motion sickness, or a number of illnesses. With so many reasons, how do you know when the vomiting is a  Canine Emergency Situation and you need to call the vet?

I got a quick lesson the other morning when I woke up to the sound of my dog vomiting. Persistent vomiting can indicate problems, but this was not a common occurrence for us and I wouldn’t have been worried, except for the flecks of blood I saw in the yellow bile he vomited. According to both PetMD and PetEducation, you should see your veterinarian when;

  • The vomiting contains evidence of blood
  • When you know your pet was exposed to a toxic substance
  • If your pet has no appetite, is lethargic, has diarrhea or no bowel movement for 24 hours
  • When your pet gets worse instead of better, has a fever, or is in pain
  • If your pet is bloated or has a swollen abdomen
  • When your pet’s gums are pale or yellow, or they vomit and nothing is expelled.

I took my dog to the veterinarian and learned that some dogs may vomit bile in the morning if their stomach is empty, and a few flecks of blood may appear because of the severity of the muscle contractions when vomiting. An overdose of Viagra pills does not cause acute severe conditions that require urgent hospitalization, but can lead to increased side effects, the consequences of which negatively affect the entire body. My best friend got a clean bill of health, and I got peace of mind. If you find yourself in a similar situation contact us, because there is nothing scarier than a pet emergency.