Nothing is more terrifying than coming home to see your dog has gotten into something they shouldn’t have. No matter how much you do to secure the chocolate in the house, dogs are a magnet for everything they shouldn’t have. In these canine emergency situations, you can’t help but panic, but I have good news!

Despite chocolate being poisonous in large amounts, smaller amounts can have anywhere from some adverse effects such as lethargy or erratic breathing to none at all. A dog can digest up to an ounce of chocolate for every pound he or she weighs, meaning that if all your two hefty labs ate were a few chocolate chip cookies, they will be fine.

Now this isn’t always the case. Sometimes they find the brownies or the Halloween candy. You want to get your dog to an emergency vet service immediately and without the hassle. This is where Urgent Pet Care Omaha comes in. Specialization is their specialty. With their focus on emergent situations at all times of the day and a desire to put treatment over payment, they can help your ailing canine fast. Here a caring and qualified staff will treat your best friend in a safe and controlled environment. For chocolate poisoning, your vet will most likely induce vomiting while still keeping an eye on fluid intake. You don’t want your dog losing more than he or she is taking in as this can cause dehydration and discomfort for your pup. With a quick visit and efficient care, Urgent Pet Care Omaha can get your buddy back on his feet in no time.

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