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Does My Cat Have Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease?

Feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD) is a common problem for cats, but the term encompasses many conditions that affect the cat’s urinary bladder and urethra rather than a specific disease. Regardless of the underlying cause, signs are similar and include painful urination, increased urination frequency, vocalizing while urinating, blood in the urine, urinating outside [...]

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Pet Heat Safety Do’s and Don’ts

Omaha has experienced record heat this summer, and these extreme conditions can be dangerous for pets. Our Urgent Pet Care Omaha team wants to help by providing pet heat safety do’s and don’ts to protect your pet during the next heat wave. DO understand that heatstroke in pets is a veterinary emergency Heatstroke occurs when [...]

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Surviving the Sounds of Summer: How to Calm Your Noise-Averse Pet

For most people, the familiar sounds of summer—kids splashing and laughing in the pool, families chatting and grilling in the backyard, or an ice cream truck’s magical music—make us happy, but many pets fail to share the joy. Loud sounds frighten many pets, especially extremely noise-averse pets, for whom the sounds of summer—storms and fireworks [...]

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Into the Wild—Camping With Pets

Connecting with nature can be rewarding and relaxing, especially with your four-legged friend by your side. But, camping with pets also can be a walk on the wild side if you are not properly prepared. Before you hit the trail or pitch your tent, check out these tips from Urgent Pet Care Omaha. #1: Be [...]

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It Takes a Village: Meet the Assistants Who Care for Your Pet

While veterinarians are the only veterinary professionals who can legally diagnose a pet’s condition, prescribe medications, perform surgery, and give a prognosis, all team members are essential in the “veterinary village” when your pet’s care is involved. Here at Urgent Pet Care Omaha, we greatly value our assistants, who lend a helping hand to our [...]

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Veterinary Receptionists: An Essential Part of the Team

This year, April 24 through April 30 marks Veterinary Receptionist Week. Although receptionists go by many names—client care representatives, client service representatives, customer care relations, and more—no matter their label, they’re an essential part of the veterinary team. Here at Urgent Pet Care Omaha, our client service representatives (CSRs) are your first and last point [...]

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Xylitol—Sweet But Dangerous for Pets

During World War II, sugar became hard to get, so a sugar alcohol called xylitol was used as a substitute. This substance is found naturally in several fruits and vegetables, but is typically extracted from birch trees and corn fiber for commercial use. In the 1970s, xylitol’s many benefits became apparent and the substance increased [...]

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Behind the Scenes at Urgent Pet Care Omaha

When you think of an urgent-care veterinary hospital, you likely don’t think appointments are needed. After all, how can you schedule an appointment when you don’t know when your pet will be sick or injured? While we understand that waiting for a scheduled appointment time if your pet is unwell is not easy, we have [...]

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