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Here’s Looking At You: Common Eye Diseases in Pets

The eyes are the windows to your pet’s soul, and you can see their love and devotion shining through each time you meet their gaze. However, your furry pal’s eyes can become clouded, inflamed, or injured, as they can develop a range of issues.  A pet’s eye problem can rapidly become a major emergency, so [...]

Canine Giardiasis 101

Dogs can easily transmit giardiasis when interacting with their canine companions at a dog park or drinking from a natural water source. The infection can result in significant gastrointestinal (GI) upset. To learn about this concerning canine condition, read our Urgent Pet Care Omaha team’s guide to giardiasis.  Giardia is a parasite Giardia duodenalis is [...]

Stress: The Silent Feline Health Threat

Stress is a common theme in today’s society. Stress affects our moods, disrupts our sleep, and endangers our health. Cats are equally susceptible to stress and can suffer the same negative effects, often in silence. Learn how to identify and reduce feline stress and lower your cat’s risk for stress-related health issues with this guide [...]

Does My Coughing Pet Need Emergency Care?

Pets cough for numerous reasons, with some conditions being more serious than others. When a benign irritant causes your pet to cough, you have no reason to be concerned. However, some conditions that cause your pet to cough require emergency veterinary attention. To determine whether your four-legged friend’s cough requires veterinary care, read our Urgent [...]

Celebrating Veterinary Assistants Week

Veterinary assistants help our team function smoothly and efficiently. Urgent Pet Care Omaha considers these team members indispensable. Our hospital has two assistant types who perform many necessary tasks. Our Doctor’s Assistants (DAs) help our veterinarians by obtaining patients’ histories and vital signs, preparing their medications, and explaining discharge instructions to their owners. In addition, [...]

Pet Heat Safety Do’s and Don’ts

Omaha has experienced record heat this summer, and these extreme conditions can be dangerous for pets. Our Urgent Pet Care Omaha team wants to help by providing pet heat safety do’s and don’ts to protect your pet during the next heat wave. DO understand that heatstroke in pets is a veterinary emergency Heatstroke occurs when [...]

Detecting Pet Kidney Disease: Frequently Asked Questions

The kidneys serve important functions in your pet’s body—they filter waste products from the blood, maintain fluid, electrolyte, and mineral balances, and contribute to red blood cell production through a complex hormone system. Widespread metabolic turmoil occurs when kidney function declines, because of a condition known as chronic renal failure (CRF) or chronic kidney disease [...]

Paws, Claws, and Scales—Exotic Pet Care 101

Based on numbers alone, dogs and cats are America’s perennial favorite pets. However, exotic species, such as reptiles, amphibians, backyard poultry, and small mammal or “pocket” pets (e.g., rodents, ferrets, rabbits) are quietly rising in popularity as more people discover that these fascinating and complex creatures have distinct advantages as pets.  Getting access to free [...]

7 Ways to Celebrate the Holidays With Your Pet

Pets are a part of the family and, of course, you want to include them in your holiday celebrations. Our team at Urgent Pet Care Omaha shares seven festive, fun ideas to celebrate with your furry friend.   #1: Capture your pet’s beauty in a holiday photo session Your family’s holiday card wouldn’t be complete without [...]

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