They say dogs are man’s best friend, but one canine in South Carolina actually has an elephant for a best friend. One of the most amazing domestic pet stories is that of Bubbles, a 9,000-lb elephant, and Bella, a 90-lb Labrador retriever that live together at Myrtle Beach Safari.

Bubbles was adopted by the safari in 1983, where she lives inside the 50-acre TIGERS preserve, along with 100 other wild animals. According to the Safari’s Facebook page, Bubbles is a very friendly elephant, who enjoys meeting people up close. Her gentle nature is displayed by her affection for Bella, who was abandoned by a contractor hired to build a swimming pool for her in 2007. The two quickly become great friends, and are now inseparable.

Their mutual love of swimming is what led to their incredible friendship. According to park staff, Bubbles is more than happy to play in the water for hours at a time, with Bella resting comfortably on her back. The elephant is quite tolerant of her canine companion, as video of the two inside the park clearly show. Bella has been recorded repeatedly climbing onto Bubbles and using her as a makeshift diving board to go hurling into the water.

The sight of Bubbles and Bella together delights visitors, many of whom are in awe as to their unique friendship. For these two animals, it only seems natural for them to spend time together, as they are nearly inseparable both in and out of the water.

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