In early October the Seminole County Animal Services found a two-year old Dachshund and a seven month old paralyzed kitten by a driveway outside Geneva, FL. When anyone came close the dog would bark and growl to guard the kitten. The kitten could only move by dragging her front legs as the back legs are paralyzed and the paws were distorted.

The dog and kitten were in fine shape being well nourished and clean so it appeared they had been cared for at one time but no one claimed the animals. It looked like someone left the animals by the driveway as the kitten was unable to go far with her paralyzed back legs.

Steroid shots were tried on the kitten without success. The acupuncture and experiential treatment, which cost $150 a session, was paid for by TEARS which stands for Together Every Animal Receives Support. Nothing appeared to work leading to the conclusion that the kitten was born with the deformities. Whenever the kitten was taken away for treatment the dog was sad and she was continually looking for the kitten. There was a special pen set up for them as normally dogs and cats are kept separated.

The staff at the shelter contacted Jacqueline Borum, who runs Hollywood Houndz Boutique & Spa in Lake Mary. Jacqueline also has nurtured and placed over 1,300 dogs and cats in adoptive homes in the past six years. Jacqueline has a nonprofit organization called Project Paws that helps in funding pet rescue groups in an emergency.

Once the dog and kitten went to Hollywood Houndz they were given names from the movie Fried Green Tomatoes. The dog is named Idgie and the kitten’s name is Ruth. So Idgie and Ruth rest by the front window in a large pen. Ruth is fed and washed daily and Idgie goes for walks and receives treats and plenty of attention from patrons and the employees. If another dog comes close to the pen Idgie barks and growls furiously but mostly she is a sweetheart. When Idgie has a new toy she brings it over to Ruth.

Hollywood Houndz has adopted Idgie and Ruth rather than put them up for adoption. It is unknown how long Ruth will live, if her health is degenerative, but Idgie will be with her at all times. They have an exceptional bond that has never been seen between a dog and a cat.

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