Do you believe cats can be compassionate? No? Well, you just may change your mind after reading this amazing domestic pet story! This “tail” is about one little tender-hearted feline that’s being called a hero.

It was a very cold night on January 10, 2015 in the town of Obninsk, Russia. A stray tabby named Masha came upon a cardboard box with a baby inside. The poor little tyke was no more than two or three months old and had been left at an entrance to an apartment complex. He was dressed in a jumpsuit and nestled in the box with baby food and a box of diapers. Masha must’ve known that a night that was a few degrees below zero wasn’t suited for any baby let alone one left out in the cold air to fend for himself; she crawled into the box, cuddled up to the infant and proceeded to meow for help as loudly as possible.

Masha was a friend to all the people in the neighborhood and they took care of her; so she apparently knew that someone would be along eventually. It was a short time later that a 68-year-old neighbor, Irina Lavrova, ventured outdoors to put out the garbage. She heard Masha’s loud cries for help and knew something was wrong; this wasn’t common behavior for Masha. The cat was a quiet, friendly sort and usually right there to greet anyone that came outside; so Ms. Lavrova decided to locate her. She didn’t know what she’d find, but Ms. Lavrova was certainly surprised to find Masha with a baby!

Ms. Lavrova told Central European News, “Clearly her mothering instincts had taken over and she wanted to protect the child.”

Ms. Lavrova called for an ambulance and the infant was promptly rushed to a nearby hospital. Doctors thought that the little one was only exposed to the cold for a couple of hours. It was a miracle that he survived—it was all thanks to the jumpsuit and, in large part, to a little kitty’s warm body. The doctors pronounced the baby healthy.

The entire block of residents are extremely proud of Masha and have pampered her since her heroic deed. But how do you reward such heroism? By giving Masha her favorite food, of course!

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