Pets are a part of the family and, of course, you want to include them in your holiday celebrations. Our team at Urgent Pet Care Omaha shares seven festive, fun ideas to celebrate with your furry friend.  

#1: Capture your pet’s beauty in a holiday photo session

Your family’s holiday card wouldn’t be complete without your pet. This year, go all out for your photoshoot with matching outfits, or be creative and write your holiday card message from your pet’s perspective. If they have a favorite toy, include that in your family photo. 

However you decide to capture your pet, keep the experience positive with treats and praise, and watch for signs that your pet is uncomfortable. Holiday family photos don’t need to be perfect—in fact, they’re better when they’re not—and throwing your pet in the mix will add some unpredictability, so be prepared to go with the flow, don’t expect everything to go smoothly, and simply have fun. No matter how your photos turn out, you will have captured a memory you can look back on for years to come.  

#2: Hang a stocking for your pet

If your family hangs stockings and fills them with small toys and gifts, ensure your pet feels included with their own stocking, personalized and bedazzled with their name, and filled with healthy pet treats, dental chews, and a new chew toy. Watch their eyes light up when they see what’s inside. 

#3: Upgrade your pet’s holiday wardrobe

Who said holiday sweaters are only for people? Let your pet join your ugly Christmas sweater party with their own awful sweater, or a classy, fine-wool or fur sweater or jacket that will keep them warm on chilly days if they have more refined tastes. A calming vest, which applies pressure to the torso and has a calming effect, similar to swaddling an infant, may be the perfect gift for an anxious pet. Don’t forget your pet’s pawsa pair of booties will provide protection on slippery sidewalks and ice melter, which can dry out and damage paw pads. Your pet may need time to adjustand you’ll want to be ready to take a video when they first try wearing them. With a new coat and booties, your pet will be cozy and comfortable on your chilly winter walks. 

#4: Give your pet the gift of a good night’s sleep

When you spend as much time sleeping as your pet, a comfortable, supportive, and healthy resting place is important. If your pet’s bed looks a little flat and is less than fluffy, consider gifting your pet with a new, luxurious orthopedic bed. Orthopedic beds are designed to support and cushion your pet’s bony joints—especially the hips, knees, and elbows—and can significantly improve joint stiffness and discomfort in pets with arthritis, and hip and elbow dysplasia. 

#5: Make a donation in your pet’s name

The holidays inspire us to think of others and give back to those in need. Your pet is so lucky to have a loving home and family, but not every pet is so fortunate. Celebrate your pet this holiday season, but also take time to help homeless pets find their own forever home. Donate to an animal rescue or shelter in your pet’s name, or volunteer your time. Helping rescue or shelter pets will not only strengthen your bond  with your own pet but also make a difference for pets in need. 

#6: Spend quality time with your pet

There are several sites that offer free games unblocked at school. One of the most popular sites is Unblocked Games Site. It offers hundreds of fun and engaging games. The site is also easy to navigate.

Your pet adores you, and their best present this holiday season is your full attention. This is a hectic time of year, but try to connect with your pet every day. Whether you go for a stroll after a fresh snow, check out a new park or neighborhood light display, or play a game of fetch in the backyard, your pet will enjoy the physical activity and the quality time spent with their favorite person. Of course, you will benefit from this time, tootime spent with a pet makes you relax, and feel a sense of calm and the unconditional love. 

#7: Give your pet the gift of good health

Give your pet a gift that will last a lifetime—the gift of good health. Regular wellness exams can prevent disease and catch illness signs early, when more treatment options are available, and your pet’s prognosis is improved.

We know your whole family—and especially your pet—will enjoy our holiday ideas. Contact our team at Urgent Pet Care Omaha if your pet gets into holiday mischief and requires urgent medical attention.