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Identifying Pet Allergic Reactions

Identifying Your Pet's Allergic Reactions with our Papillion and Omaha Veterinarians Like human beings, a pet can suffer from allergic reactions when exposed to pollen, flea saliva, prescription drugs, dust mites, mold, dander, insect sting, food additives, and even cleaning products. What are the Typical Symptoms of Allergies in Pets? Some of the common signs [...]

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Most Common Eye Injuries In Pets

Most Common Eye Injuries In Pets and Treatment from our Omaha Veterinarians Eye injuries rank amongst the top pet injuries treated by our emergency veterinarians in Millard and Omaha, NE. The incidence is more common in pets that spend most of their time outdoors as well as those with bulging eyes. Symptoms of Eye Injury [...]

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What to Do if Your Pet has a Broken Bone

What to Do if Your Pet has a Broken Bone – Advice from our Omaha Veterinarians A broken or fractured bone can result from a high impact accident. Usually, this injury is common in excitable and adventurous pets like dogs. Like any injury, a broken or fractured bone requires prompt attention to minimize suffering and [...]

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