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Breathing Difficulties is Considered a Feline Emergency Situation

There are many feline emergency situations, but one of the most serious and urgent is breathing problems. Your beloved cat’s breathing issues could be life-threatening and three minutes after she stops breathing she could die. So if your precious princess is suffering through a breathing problem, she could be on the cliff of a disaster. It’s [...]

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Feline Emergency Situations: Feline Herpes

When it comes to feline emergency situations, some situations may be questionable. Feline herpes, also known as viral rhinopneumonitis, is one medical condition that can be confusing, especially because its symptoms are so similar to the common cold. Most cats that contract feline herpes receive it from the discharge left by another infected cat. This discharge comes [...]

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Taking a pet first aid class is a good first step in knowing what to do in a pet emergency

To most pet owners, their animals are their best friends and four-legged children. As with children, pets can become ill or injured without warning. Since knowing what to do in a pet emergency can mean the difference between life and death, it's important to be prepared. One of the best ways you can prepare is to take a pet [...]

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Amazing pet stories: Christian the Lion

Today we want to share with you another amazing domestic pet story, one that you have to see to believe. It is a story of two men and their beloved pet lion, Christian. Yes, you read that right: a pet lion. In 1969, Ace Bourke and John Rendall bought Christian as a cub from the London department [...]

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